In our view certain aviation related advocacy work is not suitable for complete reliance on a traditional PR agency.  Our own recent experience suggests political lobbyists don’t really understand the aviation sector or the nuances of the arguments and presentation.   We are mindful of the need for evidence based responses to government.  We have some insight and understanding of how public policy is developed and implemented.  We are often questioning the administrator’s preference for one size fits all rule making.  We have considerable experience of preparing materials for submissions and consultations.

In our view advocacy is all about what you say and how you say it, not the passion with which you do it.  In most administrations, civil servants don’t respond to regional sob stories or overt public pressure.  Behind the scenes lobbying of real influencers with good evidence on market failure can often be more effective.  Also what needs spelt out is the contribution of supportive policy to wider Government economic policy, all underpinned by a careful political strategy.