Oh pity the air operator.

A private business surrounded by strong,  quasi-monopolies and well organised labour, high and rising fuel costs, airport charges, with very high aircrew and engineering costs, ground handling costs, and long term commitments to very expensive aircraft.  The air operator needs the very latest in sophisticated online booking technology and strong and experienced management (always in short supply) in every key position to avoid mishaps. Government and regulators also weigh in with a range of taxes and measures to break all but the strongest, and require airlines to be responsible for their passengers in ways that road providers, ferry, train and bus operators do not have to concern themselves with.

Unfortunately it is also subject to an obsessive and destructive interest from very many woe begotten terrorists and misfits, subject to economic cycles and threats of epidemics that can turn the very best laid plans to dust very quickly.  It is also subject to the exigencies of weather, volcanoes, technical gremlins and is always only one accident away from reputational oblivion.  Who would run an airline?

Anyhow if you have managed to pass all these hurdles you must be strong of heart, and as an operator deserve every praise and gratitude from all the beneficiaries – the long tail of people throughout the extensive supply chain, and in the wider economy, and amongst the general public who greatly benefit from your entrepreneurial efforts.


Our experience has mainly been in small regional commercial airline operations and specialist aviation (remote sensing, airfreight, air charter and business aviation).  Should we have any skills that might be of service in the short or medium term, we would be only too happy to discuss.  We also have extensive experience in preparing complex aviation tenders and proposals.