Responsive Associate collaborations and we regularly engage in flexible and fruitful collaborations with other experts and organisations.  We have at the heart of our ‘modus operandi’, an eagerness to cultivate fruitful links with and between consultancy expertise, academia, airports, air operators, public bodies and regulators.


Evidence based decision making is wisest.

We have considerable experience of commissioning or undertaking programmes of research work whether it is undertaken in house or commissioned with other actors.  More pertinently we have the skills and experience to interpret and deploy such new data more effectively to support the preparation of seminal reports, submissions and consultations.

Expert Support

Where a range of stakeholders are involved, our unique combination of aviation expertise and synchronisation of tasks can work to ensure a collaboration is more effective, relevant and impactful.  Northpoint’s expert support has proved invaluable in defining terms of reference, collaboration management and administration, budgets and prioritised agenda setting, commissioning of relevant research combined with well-judged coordination tasks to optimise the performance of busy individuals, the organisations they are representing and the collaboration they are engaging with.

Business Development

We have considerable experience in all aspects of the route development process both from an airport and air operator perspective.

We have interest and expertise in non scheduled revenue streams, be it in business and general aviation, aerial work, estate management, master-planning and non aeronautical income streams.

      • Extensive experience of airports related policy work

        including lobbying and influencing policy positions, and to date knowledge of Airport development and investment in the UK and abroad.

      • A long-standing interest in regional airports and peripheral region transport and aviation issues.

        We are one of the leading sources of knowledge and advice about PSOs and RDFs in Europe.

      • Grounded career long experience and extensive professional networks

        The principals of Northpoint have between them secured approval for, and successfully tendered and run publically supported air links, whilst also attracting airlines to operate regional air access routes on a commercial basis.

        Since 2010 Northpoint has emerged as a specialist boutique consultancy with a range of niche expertise. At Northpoint, the aim is to make our consultancy advice as authoritative, rigorous, evidence-based and commercially grounded as possible. In addition, we bring a range of capabilities and experience that are of particular relevance.

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