Connectivity and economic growth are closely related.   

Air transport is key in enabling business in the globalised marketplace.  Access to air services is a key requirement for communities to preserve and enhance their economic standing.

Often economic impacts of various courses of actions need to be quantified to aid decision-making.  A key element of the work is the assessment of net additional economic impacts: that is, the impacts attributable to the public sector intervention.

Evaluations of airport’s economic impacts typically tend to be locally / regionally focused and deal with direct, indirect and induced impacts (e.g. jobs, GVA and tourism spend), which can be more easily measured and therefore are more tangible.  In a local context these can be important – but they are not the whole story. There is now a strong and growing body of evidence supporting the proposition that aviation connectivity contributes to the growth not just of local economies in the immediate vicinity of an airport, but also more broadly to regional and national economies through a range of catalytic impacts.

Northpoint endeavours to be at the forefront of insight into the full impact of airports for the catchments that they serve.