Northpoint’s input has been focused on a cluster of aviation sectors.

Airport & Airport Groups

Northpoint has broad experience in working with airports on a range of strategic, business aviation, route development, airfreight, masterplanning, advocacy and other more support hybrid tasks.

Transport Authorities

Transport Authorities sometimes call in external expertise to help them chart a way forward through the complexities of public policy and spending in relation to the aviation sector.

Air Operators

Air operators can benefit from project led initiatives connected with business development, strategic review, route development, tender preparation and negotiation.

Aviation Suppliers

Northpoint has had a range of customers who fall into this general category such as an online aviation newsletter and an air charter specialist.  Companies needing to augment their access to, or understanding of, the sector may benefit from a dialogue.

Academic Research

Northpoint is unusual in blending practical commercial experience with public policy and regulation perspectives and academic research on specific aspects of the sector.

International and Trade Collaborations

Northpoint is a founder member of a Transport in Peripheral Regions Research Network.