Northpoint Aviation Services Ltd is a business and aviation consultancy based in Inverness, Scotland and in Maidstone, Kent. Northpoint also works with other consultancies and organisations as suited to the specific briefs.

Some characteristics of our work summarised:

  • Our work has a strong and grounded commercial bent, because of the specific backgrounds of key staff members.  Indeed some of our client projects are exclusively concerned with business development.
  • Northpoint has a longstanding interest in remote region transport and aviation issues.  Knowledge of European PSOs are a particular strength.
  • The consultancy has a track record in helping formulate lobbying positions and influencing the development of relevant aviation policy and regulation.
  • Northpoint very much believes in flexible and fruitful collaborations with other experts and organisations.
  • The team have worldwide links and access to strong personal, commercial and aviation networks.
  • The company can and do provide ‘expert commentary’ on key topics.  Chris Cain, for instance, has been interviewed by the BBC and local media on the travails connected with the closure of Plymouth Airport.
  • Northpoint works to cultivate links between academia, airports, air operators, public bodies and regulators.  The company is often concerned with putting together business cases for infrastructure investments, economic impact studies, and route and revenue development programmes.
  • Authoritative, rigorous and objective research underpins much of the work we do.

Air travel makes many people very happy.